Report on Zheda Conference in 2012

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ISCP and Zhejiang University co-organized a conference “Communication and creation: dialogues between Chinese and Western Philosophies International conference” at Zhejiang university from June 8th to June 12th. Scholars from Qinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Wuhan University, Shandong University, Huadong Normal University, Zhejiang University, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and America attended the conference. The papers presented at the conference addressed a wide range of philosophical issues. All papers presented at the conference are collected in one volume “Proceedings of International Conference on Communication and creation: dialogues between Chinese and Western Philosophies”, and all papers presented in the conference will be published on “浙东学术”(第三辑), which is an academic journal regularly published by Zhejiang University Press.

On 6/10, at the ending session of the Conference, on behalf of the current executive board of ISCP, the President and the Executive Director of ISCP Jiyuan Yu, and the Conference co-organizer and the main sponsor, Professor Dong Ping (as the honorary guest), together present the plaques to the previous board members, Vincent Shen (Executive Director of ISCP from 2001-2011), Chenyang Li (Secretary of ISCP from 2002-2011), and Xinyan Jiang (reasurer of ISCP from 2002-2011), to honor their excellent leadership and dedicate services to ISCP.

The Board of ISCP on behalf of all participants of the conference thanks Professor Dong Ping and the Department of Philosophy at Zhejiang University for co-organizing the conference. Our thanks also go to the students at the Department of Philosophy at Zhejiang University for their hard work during the conference.

ISCP Elects New Officers!

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Dear ISCP Members,

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the results of election
communicated to me by the ISCP Ad Hoc Committee for 2011 Election
constituted by Prof. Huaiyu Wang, Prof. Sandra Wawrytko, Prof. Wenyu Xie. The results are all unanimously positive for:

1. Prof. Jiyuan Yu, of the New York State University at Buffalo, as
new ISCP President;
2. Prof. Kwong-loi Shun, of University of California, Berkeley, as
new ISCP Vice-President;
3. Prof. Xiao-mei Yang, of the Southern Connecticut State University,
as new ISCP Secretary;
4. Prof. Ann Pang-White, of the University of Scranton, as new ISCP Treasurer.

Their terms will start on January 1st, 2012.

Congratulations to Prof. Jiyuan Yu, Prof. Kwong-loi Shun, Prof.
Xiao-mei Yang and Prof. Ann Pang-White!!!

Also I want to thank, in the name of ISCP, Professor Yolaine Escande for her excellent service as president in the last two years.

Vincent Shen, Executive Director

Business Meeting Report at paris Conference July 2011

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ISCP Business Meeting 2011 Report

The business meeting of ISCP at the 17th ISCP Conference took place at 17.00-18.00pm, July 8, 2011, at the Amphitheatre François Furet, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.  Called to order and chaired by Prof. Vincent Shen, ISCP Executive Director, the meeting proceeded first with the ceremony of appreciation, then reports from the executive director, secretary and the treasurer respectively, then moves in regard to the nomination of new ISCP President and Vice President, before the Announcement of the 18th ISCP Conference and Recommendation for the 19th Conference and ended with the transmission of ISCP Flag.

I. Ceremony of Appreciation

The meetings started with the ceremony of appreciation to Professor Yolaine Escande, ISCP President and chief organizer of the Conference. After Professor Vincent Shen’s speech of appreciation, a plaque inscribed “In Appreciation to the Dedicated Service and Excellent Leadership” was offered to Prof. Yolaine Escande.

In his speech of appreciation, Vincent Shen mentioned that the conference was so well organized, not only in respect to the wonderful program with great keynote speakers and well-arranged and logically structured sessions and presentations, but also because of the delicious lunches and dinners, and the aesthetics values of the posters, the program handbook and the conference environment. Vincent Shen said that the program handbook of this year was the most beautiful of all conferences organized by ISCP till now.

In response to the appreciation, President Yolaine Escande thanked also everybody involved in the organization, including the blind review committee members, and the members of her team, in particular Thierry and Olivier, who not only helped the organization but also designed the website, the handbook and their students’ design posters with the conference theme.

II. Report from ISCP Executive Director

After the ceremony of appreciation, Prof. Vincent Shen proceeded to his report. Since the last business meeting in 2009 atFujenUniversity,Taipei, ISCP had organized regular panels in the annual conferences of APA Eastern, Pacific and Central, andAARannual conference with cutting edge themes in Chinese philosophy and comparative philosophy. These panels were organized every year and open to all our members for participation and presentation. Call for papers were to be sent on time and he invited the active participation of all members. Besides, ISCP organized also small scale international conference with more specific theme in view of publication since 2010. Last year, withWuhanUniversity, ISCP organized the International Conference on the Development of Chinese Philosophy in Recent 30 Years. For next year, ISCP was making plan with Prof. Dong Ping, Chair of the Department of Philosophy,ZhejiangUniversity, to organize a Conference on the Communication between Chinese and Western Philosophy in his university.

Also, Prof. Shen reported new appointment: in the past two years, ISCP appointed Prof. Xiaomei Yang as ISCP liasion for APA Eastern meeting, Prof. Huaiyu Wang as liaison for APA Central, and Prof. Oncho Ng as ISCP liaison to the Journal of Chinese Philosophy.

At the end of his report, Prof. Shen said that it had been a great pleasure for him to serve two terms Executive Director of ISCP. He requested to step down at the end of his first term at the business meeting of the 15th ICCP at Wuhan University, but was asked to serve another term. Since his 2nd term would terminate at the end of 2011, he decided to step down at that time. He thanked Prof. Chenyang Li and Prof. Xinyan Jiang, and Vice-Executive Directors Chen Lai, Guo Qiyong, and Jiang Xinyan, for their generous assistance to the end of his 2 terms. Also he thanked all ISCP members for their support in these ten years of his service. According to ISCP Constitution, the new Executive Director shall be appointed by the Chair of the Board of Officers of the ISCP.

II. ISCP Secretary Report

Since Prof. Chenyang Li, ISCP Secretary, was unable to make it to come, he asked Prof. Xinyan Jian to read his report:

During the last two years, this secretary has assisted  ISCP in the following operations of the organization.

1. Election of the president and vice present. Nominations were proposed at the 16th International Conference on Chinese Philosophy at the Fujen Catholic University in Taipei, July 2009,  were made by an official ISCP Ad Hoc Committee for 2009 election composed of Prof. Ivanhoe, Prof. Johanna Liu and Prof. Hsiao-hui Pan. A formal election took place in December 2009. Professor Yolaine Escande, of French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) and Graduate School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences(EHESS), has been elected unanimously as the new ISCP President, and Prof. Jiyuan Yu, of New York State University at Buffalo, as the new ISCP Vice-President, both for a term of two years beginning from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011.

2. ISCP website migration to new host. Our former host moved on to another business and had to let us move the website. Now the ISCP official website has moved to a new host. Our website URL address remains as . It is in operation.  We are looking for a web master to manage the site.

3. Responded to route inquiries from individuals and organizations. Liaisoned with other professional organizations  (FISP, etc.). Handled route office work (preparing plaques for outgoing officers, sending out condolences letters, etc.).

4. Provided assistance to the International Conference on “International Symposium on Chinese Philosophy in Recent 30 Years” at Wuhan University, China, June 2010. The conference was co-sponsored with the Society of History of Chinese Philosophy and with WuhanUniversity. The conference was a success. For more information of the conference, see the New Report in Journal of Chinese Philosophy (38.1), March 2011.

5. Organized the 2011 Charles Fu Foundation Essay Contest in Asian Philosophy (composed a blind reviewing committee that selected 3 awardees from 22 entries).

6. Provided assistance to organizing the 17th International Conference on Chinese Philosophy inParis, July 2011.

7. Successfully selected an able candidate to step in the role of ISCP secretary as he, the current secretary completes his 10 years of service. Professor Yang Xiaomei has been serving as our liaison to the APA Eastern Division and has kindly agreed to be a candidate for our next secretary. Her CV is attached.

Finally, the secretary takes this opportunity to express his sincere thanks to his colleagues Vincent Shen and Xinyan Jiang for their selfless assistance, understanding, and friendship. It has been a great pleasure working with both of them as ISCP officers.

ISCP Treasurer Report

After she had read loudly ISCP secretary’s report, Prof. Xinyan Jiang, ISCP treasurer, proceeded to report to ISCP members the Annual Financial Statement 2010 of the Society, divided into the income part and the expenses part (report available upon request). 

In addition, she said that she would not continue to serve as Treasurer after her current term ends. She said that it had been a great privilege to serve as ISCP Treasurer for 10 years. She thanked ISCP members’ support for all these years. She gave special thanks to Prof. Vincent Shen, Prof. Chenyang Li, and Prof. Yolaine Escande for making her work for ISCP such a pleasant experience.

 6. Movtions:

The meeting had two motions this year. First, the move in regard to the nomination of a new ISCP President. Prof. Jiyuan Yu was nominated with unanimity as the candidate for ISCP new President starting from January 2012.

The second motion in regard to the nomination of the new ISCP Vice President, Prof. Kwong-loi Shun was nominated unanimously as the candidate for ISCP new Vice-President starting from January 2012. According to ISCP Constitution, these two nominations should go through the general election process starting at the end of November, 2011

 7. Announcement of the 18th ISCP Conference and Recommendation for

the 19th Conference:

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Vincent Shen announced that the 18th ISCP International Conference will take place at the Universityof Buffalounder the direction and organization of Prof. Jiyuan Yu, and it was also recommended that the 19th ISCP Conference take place in theChineseUniversity ofHong Kong. At the end of the meeting, the ISCP flag was transmitted from the hand of Prof. Yolaine Escande to Prof. Jiyuan Yu.

17th International Conference for Chinese Philosopher was held successfully in Paris, 4-8 July 2011

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The 17th International Conference for Chinese Philosopher was held successfully in Paris, 4-8 July 2011. The conference theme was “Inter-culturalism and Philosophic Discourse: Retrospect and Prospect.” Over 200 participants attended the event.

2007 ISCP Business Meeting

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Minutes of ISCP Business Meeting (June 26, 2007, Wuhan, China)

Charles Wei-hsun Fu Foundation-ISCP Essay Contest in Asian Philosophy 2009

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“The Logic Structure ofShi as a concept in Chinese Philosophy”
Li Xi, graduate student, Aesthetics Research Center, Department of Philosophy, Peking University

The prize will be shared between two entries
Honorable Mention

“’Not Laugh, Not be Tao’:
The Application of theTao Te Ching in the Drawings of Yue Minjun”
Francis Li Chung-hung, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong

“Reconciling the ‘Self’ in Western Psychology and Buddhism”
Tonya Warren, M.A. student, Department of Philosophy, San Diego State University

“Confucian Care: Beyond the Colonial Politics of Feminism”
Li-Hsiang Lisa Rosenlee, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii—West Oahu

ISCP Banner

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President Bernard Li (left) has over the official ISCP banner to Vice President Yolaine

Escande (right), with Executive Director Vincent Shen present.

ISCP Business Meeting Minutes

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July 11, 16.00-16.30 p.m., Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei.

Presiding panel: ISCP President Bernard C. C. Li, Vice President Yolaine Escande, Executive Director Vincent Shen, Secretary Chenyang Li.

Vincent Shen called the meeting to order at 16.00p.m.

Bernard Li reported the process of preparing and holding the 16th international conference and thanked the staff for their contributions to the conference. He made two suggestions. First, he proposed that ISCP take upon the function of evaluating Chinese philosophy programs in higher education. As a reputable international organization, ISCP has the expertise for such a task. In doing so, it can protect Chinese philosophy programs from political interferences. Second, as an international academic organization, ISCP should become more active in leading scholarly research.

Vincent Shen began by thanking members of the ISCP executive committee and the conference team for their work. He made the following report. First, in accordance with a resolution at the 2007 Wuhan conference, last year a constitutional amendment was approved by members to add language of racial and gender equality in Section II. Second, ISCP has organized numerous successful conference panels at the American Philosophical Association’s meetings. It has appointed Dr. Yu Jiyuan as liaison to the APA Eastern Division, and Dr. Eric Nelson as liaison to the American Academy of Religion. Dr. Linyu Gu, managing editor of the Journal of Chinese Philosophy has joined the executive committee as representative of the Journal. The year, ISCP will organize a small research conference in China. Although the conference will invite a limited number of scholars to present papers on a specific topic, all members are invited to attend.

Chenyang Li began by welcoming new members to ISCP and made the following report. The secretary has performed the following duties: maintaining communication with members, professional organizations such as FISP, and other interested parties; maintaining ISCP Website and Listserv; working with the nomination committee (Karyn Lai, Chen Lai, and Ann Pang-White) in carrying out the process of electing the president and vice president; working with Treasurer Xinyan Jiang in maintaining the membership record; and facilitating the 2009 Charles Fu Foundation essay contest. He asked for volunteers to help with the ISCP Website. He also asked members to spread word that now people can join ISCP or renew their membership through our website at WWW.ISCP-ONLINE.ORG. He announced that ISCP members can subscribe to the Journal of Chinese Philosophy at a discount rate.

Li also made the biannual financial report on behalf of the Treasurer Xinyan Jiang. There was not question from the audience.

After presenting their CVs, Shen moved to nominate Yolaine Escande as the next president and Yu Jiyuan as vice president. The motions were approved by acclamation. In accordance with the ISCP constitution, an Ad Hoc nomination committee will be established to examine candidates’ qualifications and to process the election.

In responding to Bernard Li’s suggestions, Shen moved that an exploratory committee be established to look into ISCP’s new function as an evaluative agency. His motion passed by acclamation.

Yolaine Escande said that she was glad to be hosting the 17th International Conference of Chinese Philosophy in Paris in 2011. She announced that the theme of the 17th conference will be “Interculturalism and Philosophic Discourse: Retrospect and Prospect.”

Finally, Bernard Li handed over the official ISCP banner to Yolaine Escande.

The meeting adjourned at 16.30p.m.

Respectfully prepared by Chenyang Li

16th International Conference on Chinese Philosophy

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The 16th International Conference on Chinese Philosophy “Towards the World: Philosophical Dialogue and Culture Conversation,” was held at Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, July 7-15, 2009. For more information, reports and photos see “Recent Events”

Vincent Shen hosts banquet

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ISCP Executive Director Vincent Shen hosts banquet in appreciation of the Local host of the 16th International Conference on Chinese Philosophy (Taipei, December, 2009)