Call for Papers: 24th International Conference of the ISCP

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Call for Papers: The 24th International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP)

“Addressing Global Crises and Reimagining Solutions through Chinese Philosophy” 

to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from Friday, June 20 to Monday, June 23, 2025, 

hosted by the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. 


At this conference, we will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Society.  


In the spirit of planetary exchange of ideas and to enhance the voice of Chinese philosophy globally, this memorable conference will also mark the beginning of the impactful  

“Summer of Chinese Philosophy in Europe,”  

subsequently unfolding in Ljubljana, Reykjavik, and Berlin. 


The conference will revolve around the compelling theme of  

“Addressing Global Crises and Reimagining Solutions through Chinese Philosophy” 

The current crises, such as aggressive wars, severe environmental disasters, unequal distribution of resources, viral pandemics, etc., are global problems that cannot be fully solved within the narrow framework of individual countries or nation-states. They must also be addressed within the larger framework of global cooperation and solidarity. Such strategies require the development of genuine intercultural dialogue, i.e., dialogue that goes beyond the currently fashionable terminologies and can lead to a truly equal transcultural exchange of knowledge and ideas. This conference aims to explore both traditional and contemporary Chinese philosophical perspectives, seeking their contributions towards crafting a new planetary ethos that emphasizes mutual understanding and practices of solidarity in confronting these universal challenges. 


Submission guidelines and timeline 

The conference languages are both English and Chinese.  

English abstracts should be 250 to 300 words; Chinese abstracts should be about 500 characters. Abstracts should include paper title, author’s name, affiliation, and email contact information. 

Panel submissions (including “Author-Meets-Critics” sessions) should include the topic, panelists and their affiliations, a summary of the proposed panel in 300-500 words (English) or 800-1000 characters (Chinese), and an abstract for each of the papers (250–300 words for papers in English and about 500 characters for papers in Chinese).  

Individual paper presentations are 20-25 minutes each. Proposed panels are 2 hours with three presenters.  


Deadline for submission of abstracts and panel proposals: October 15, 2024 

Communication of acceptance: December 15th 2024 

Online registration will be opened from March 1, 2025 

We intend to publish a curated selection of papers from the conference in a special issue of the Q1 journal Asian Studies ( The submission deadline for this special issue will be announced during the closing ceremony. 

Please email submissions and inquiries to The conference website is currently under construction, and the link will be provided shortly. 



The registration fee payment link will be accessible on the conference website, which is under construction and will be published shortly. 

Full Price (non-members): Euro 260 

ISCP members: Euro 220 

Student (non-members): Euro 150 

Student ISCP members: Euro 120 

The fees will cover all lunches and coffee breaks, the welcome reception with standing dinner, the costs for renting venues for cultural events and guided sightseeing in Ljubljana. Additionally, the fees will include conference materials such as bags, programs, printed information and the book of abstracts for all participants. 

All scholars and graduate students are encouraged to become members or renew their ISCP membership prior to registering for the conference to receive reduced registration fees. Membership can be renewed or initiated by following this link:  


Important note for reduced price registration: 

Students: Please, send proof of your student status (a readable, high-resolution pdf or jpg image of your Student ID) to with the subject “student status confirmation,” After verification, you will receive a password to use during the registration process. 

ISCP members: Use this option only if you are a current ISCP member. 

ISCP member and student member registrations will be checked against membership lists and proof of student status. 


Unveiling the Conference Experience: A Preview 

The 24th ISCP conference will also mark a major milestone in the history of our society as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. It will once again demonstrate that the Society, founded by Cheng Chung-Ying in 1975, has proven to be one of the most important bridges between Western and Chinese philosophy and an important platform for a much-needed transcultural philosophical dialog in the half century of its existence. With this historic meeting, we want to show that it has developed and will continue to flourish in a highly positive manner, demonstrating its respect for diversity and inclusion, which are also among the most important features of the Chinese philosophical tradition. 

Precisely to demonstrate this deep respect for diversity and inclusion, which can unfold in the most exciting way through the exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as transcultural dialogues, this conference will also be the inaugural part of the European Summer of Chinese Philosophy 2025. The 24th ISCP Conference will convene in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from June 20 to 23. Following this, the 5th Conference of the European Association for Chinese Philosophy (EACP), themed “Selfhood and Externality,” is scheduled for June 26 to 28 at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik (contact person:  Geir Sigurðsson, email: Subsequently, from July 4 to 6, the 1st Education Network of the European Association of Chinese Philosophy (EN-EACP) Conference will take place at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. This event is titled “Mirroring Civilizations: Paths Between Daoist and pre-Socratic Philosophies” (contact person: Fabian Heubel, email: Details for the EACP and EN-EACP conferences will be announced in a later date.  

This sequence offers a unique opportunity for scholars traveling from outside Europe to engage deeply with Chinese philosophy at three closely interconnected events. Participants can explore significant issues related to the influence of Chinese philosophy in the contemporary world while visiting three distinct, geographically and historically intriguing locations in Europe. Europe, with its vibrant mosaic of cultures, languages, and philosophies, provides an ideal setting for fostering transcultural dialogues between Chinese and Western philosophies. Hence, the 2025 European Summer of Chinese Philosophy, bridging three distinct yet equally charming European cultures, encourages a rich exchange of ideas and philosophical theories, enhancing the potential for meaningful transcultural interactions.  

In this open-minded and inclusive manner, the celebratory 24th ISCP conference will focus on how Chinese philosophy can provide insights and principles to address global crises under the theme “Addressing Global Crises and Reimagining Solutions through Chinese Philosophy.” 

The conference will feature a rich variety of subthemes, encouraging exploration across numerous fields. Notably, it will include, but not be confined to, the following topics: 

  1. Environmental Sustainability: Integrating Chinese philosophical principles into environmental policies can foster sustainable development and address issues like climate change and biodiversity loss.
  2. Relationism and Role Ethics: Emphasizing interconnectedness and empathy, Chinese relational ethics offers valuable insights into fostering harmonious relationships.
  3. Economic Equity and Political Balance: Chinese philosophy advocates for balance and equitable distribution, informing policies to reduce wealth disparities and promote inclusive growth.
  4. Pacifist Ideas in Chinese Philosophy: Promoting peaceful coexistence and non-violent conflict resolution methods.
  5. Theory of Perception: Exploring Chinese philosophical perspectives on perception offers alternative and new insights into understanding consciousness and the nature of reality.
  6. Social Harmony and Conflict Resolution: Chinese philosophy offers valuable perspectives on conflict resolution and promoting peaceful coexistence.
  7. Holistic Health and Well-being: Integrating principles from Daoism into healthcare systems can contribute to improving global health outcomes.
  8. Time and Space in Chinese Philosophy: Offering unique perspectives on existence and the universe can help us in creating a new planetary ethics and axiology. 
  9. (Post)comparative and Transcultural Philosophy: Examining Chinese philosophy in relation to other traditions and modernities enriches the planetary philosophical discourse.
  10. Chinese Philosophy and New Technologies: Exploring digital control, privacy, and freedom amidst technology advancements; balancing innovation with autonomy and investigating ethical frameworks for navigating digital landscapes.

The conference will not be limited to these fields but will welcome a broad range of topics, promoting transcultural exchange of knowledge and ideas. Through inclusive and respectful academic dialogues, we aim to contribute to solving today’s axiological, social, and political crises, bridging cultures and traditions while fostering solidarity, diversity, and respecting individual dignity and integrity. 

The Society will also feature the Charles Fu Foundation Best Essay Grant Competition, with details to be announced by a subsequent email and on the conference website in the coming weeks.  








將於2025年6月20日星期五至2025年6月23日星期一在斯洛維尼亞Slovenia)盧布爾雅那市(Ljubljana) 舉行 



在這次會議上,我們也將慶祝ISCP (International Society of Chinese Philosophy) 成立50週年。 












小組專題討論(包括作者與評論者交談專題提交的資料應包括專題主題、所有小組發言人姓名所屬單位及电邮、小組提案摘要(300-500 字(英文)或 800-1000 個字(中文))以及每篇論文摘要(英文論文250-300字,中文論文500字左右)。 

個人論文每位發言者的報告時間為 20-25 分鐘。小組專題討論時間為 2 小時,由三位演講者參加。 



論文摘要和小組專題討論提案截止日期:2024 10 15  

錄取通知:2024 12 15  


《亞洲研究》(Q1期刊 計劃出版一期特刊來發表本次會議甄選過的論文。特刊的投稿截止日期將在閉幕式上公佈。 






全價(非會員):260 歐元 

ISCP 會員:220 歐元 

學生(非會員):150 歐元 

學生 ISCP 會員:120 歐元 




學生:請將您的學生身分證明(可讀、高解析度pdf jpg 學生證圖片)發送至ISCPconference@ff.uni-lj.si郵件標題請用:“學生身分確認”經核實後,您將接收在學生註冊需使用的密碼。 

ISCP 會員:您必須目前是 ISCP 未過期正式成員才能使用此選項。 

ISCP 會員和學生會員註冊將根據會員名單和學生身分證明進行驗證 



24 ISCP 會議也將標誌著我們學會歷史上的一個重要里程碑,慶祝其成立 50 週年。它將再次證明,成中英教授於1975年創立的學會是中西哲學之間最重要的橋樑之一,也是半個世紀以來急需的跨文化哲學對話的重要平台。透過這次歷史性的會議,我們希望呈現它已經並將繼續以非常積極的方式發展的面貌展示出它對多樣性和包容性的尊重,這也是中國哲學傳統最重要的特徵之一。 

對多樣性和包容性的尊重可以透過思想和知識的交流以及跨文化的對話以最令人興奮的方式展現出來。正是爲了表達這種對多樣性和包容性的深切尊重本次會議也將成為“2025歐洲中國哲學之夏的開幕部分。第24ISCP會議將於620日至23日在斯洛維尼亞的盧布爾雅那市(Ljubljana)舉行。隨後,歐洲中國哲學協會第五屆會議定於626日至28日在雷克雅未克 (Reykjavik) 的冰島大學舉行,主題為自我與外在(聯絡人:Geir Sigurðsson,電子郵件。隨後,74日至6日,第一屆歐洲中國哲學協會教育網路會議(EN-EACP)將在德國柏林自由大學舉行。本次活動的標題是鏡像文明:道教與前蘇格拉底哲學之間的路徑(聯絡人:Fabian Heubel,電子郵件。 EACP EN-EACP 會議的詳細資訊將會稍後公佈。 


本著開放與包容的態度,第24ISCP 五十周年大會將以透過中國哲學應對全球危機並重新構想解決方案為會議主題,重點討論中國哲學如何為應對全球危機提供洞見與原則。 



  1. 關係主義與角色倫理:中國關係倫理強調相互聯繫性和同理心,為培養和諧關係提供了寶貴的見解。





  1. 整體健康與福祉:將道教原則融入醫療保健體系有助於改善全球健康狀況。














将于2025年6月20日星期五至2025年6月23日星期一在斯洛文尼亚Slovenia)卢布尔雅那市(Ljubljana) 举行 



在这次会议上,我们也将庆祝ISCP (International Society for Chinese Philosophy) 成立50周年。 







当前的危机,如侵略性战争、严重的环境灾难、资源分配的不均、大型病毒传染等,是全球性问题,无法在个别国家或民族国家的狭隘框架内充分解决。 这些危机必须在全球合作与团结的大框架中处理。 应对危机的策略需要发展真正的跨文化对话,超越当前流行的术语的对话,达成真正平等的跨文化知识与理念的交流。 本次会议旨在探索传统和当代中国哲学观点,寻求它们对打造新的全球精神的贡献,此精神强调相互理解和团结实践,协力应对这些共同挑战。 




英文摘要应为250300; 中文摘要字数应在500字左右。 摘要应包括论文标题、作者姓名、单位和电子邮件联络信息。 

小组专题讨论(包括作者与评论者交谈专题)提交的资料应包括专题主题、所有小组发言人姓名、所属单位及电邮、小组提案摘要(300-500 字(英文)或 800-1000 字(中文))以及每篇论文摘要(英文论文250-300字,中文论文500字左右)。 

个人论文每位发言者的报告时间为为 20-25 分钟。 小组专题讨论时间为2小时,由三位演讲者参加。 



论文摘要和小组专题讨论提案截止日期:2024 10 15  









全价(非会员):260 欧元 

ISCP 会员:220 欧元 

学生(非会员):150 欧元 

学生 ISCP 会员:120 欧元 

注册费将涵盖所有午餐和茶歇、欢迎酒会(站立晚餐、租赁文化活动场地以及卢布尔雅那市导游观光的费用。 此外,注册费还包括所有会议资料,例如与会者的会议袋、大会议程、当地信息和论文摘要册。  

我们鼓励所有参会学者和研究生在注册会议之前成为ISCP会员或更新会员资格,您可以因此获得优惠注册费。 大家可通过以下ISCP链接来更新或取得会员资格:  



学生:请将您的学生身份证明 (可读,高清PDFJPG学生证图片发送至:ISCPconference@ff.uni-lj.si邮件标题请用:学生身份确认”。经核实后,您将收到學生注册需要的密码。 

ISCP 会员:您必须目前是 ISCP 未过期正式成员才能使用此选项 

ISCP 会员和学生会员注册将根据会员名单和学生身份证明进行验证。 



24ISCP会议也将标志着我们学会历史上的一个重要里程碑,庆祝其成立50周年。 它将再次证明,成中英教授于1975年创立的学会是中西哲学之间最重要的桥梁之一,也是半个世纪以来亟需的跨文化哲学对话的重要平台。 通过这次历史性的会议,我们希望呈现它已经并将继续以非常积极的方式发展的面貌,展示出它对多样性和包容性的尊重,这也是中国哲学传统最重要的特征之一。 

对多样性和包容性的尊重可以透过思想和知识的交流以及跨文化的对话以最令人兴奋的方式展现出来正是为了表达这种对多样性和包容性的深切尊重,本次会议也将成为“2025欧洲中国哲学之夏”的开幕部分。 24ISCP会议将于620日至23日在斯洛文尼亚的卢布尔雅那市(Ljubljana)举行。 随后,欧洲中国哲学协会第五届会议定于626日至28日在雷克雅未克Reykjavik) 的冰岛大学举行,主题为自我与外在(联系人:Geir Sigurðsson,电子邮件 。 随后,74日至6日,第一届欧洲中国哲学协会教育网络(EN-EACP)会议将在德国柏林自由大学举行。 本次活动的标题是镜像文明:道教与前苏格拉底哲学之间的路径(联系人:Fabian Heubel,电子邮件。 EACP EN-EACP 会议的详细信息将会稍后公布。  

这三个会议为来自欧洲以外的学者提供一个独特的机会,让他们在三个间隔很近的会议中深入研究中国哲学。 参会者可以在参观欧洲三个独特的地理地点和了解其引人入胜的历史的同时探讨中国哲学对当代世界的影响这个重要课题欧洲拥有充满活力的文化、语言和哲学,这为促进中西哲学之间的跨文化对话提供了理想的环境。 因此,2025欧洲中国哲学之夏将三种截然不同但同样迷人的欧洲文化联系起来,鼓励丰富的思想和哲学理论交流,发掘有意义的跨文化互动的潜力。 

本着开放与包容的态度,第24ISCP 五十周年大会将以透过中国哲学应对全球危机并重新构想解决方案为会议主题,重点讨论中国哲学如何为应对全球危机提供洞见与原则。  

本次会议具有丰富多样的子题,鼓励跨领域探索。 包括但不限于以下子题: 


  1. 关系主义与角色伦理:中国关系伦理强调相互联系性和同理心,为构建和谐关系提供了宝贵的见解。





  1. 整体健康与福祉:将道教原则融入医疗保健体系有助于改善全球健康状况。



10.中国哲学与新科技:随着科技的进步,探索数字控制、隐私和自由; 平衡创新与自主权,并研究驾驭数字景观的道德框架。 

本次会议将不限于这些领域,我们欢迎广泛的题目,以促进跨文化知识和思想的交流。 通过包容和尊重的学术对话,我们的主旨在为解决当今的价值,社会,和政治危机做出贡献,为文化和传统架起桥梁,并同时促进团结、多样性,及尊重个人尊严和正直。 


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