ISCP Annual Report

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Dear ISCP members:

On behalf of the Executive Board, I wish you a happy and healthy year of Snake!  蛇年吉祥, 阖家幸 福!

I would like to take this chance to report you briefly our main works in 2012.

(1) We have completed the transition, thanks to the support of the previous Board (Professors Vincent Shen, Xinyan Jiang and Chenyang Li). Professor Ann Pang-White (our treasurer) and Professor Xiaomei Yang (our secretary) worked hard to ensure a smooth transition.

(2) Since Professor Xiaomei Yang is the Society’s secretary, the Board appointed Professor Jinmei Yuan as our APA Eastern Liaison. Dr. Yuan effectively organized two ISCP panels in 2012 APA Eastern meeting.  Xiaomei Yang, Ann Pang-White (our Treasurer and me served as the Review Committee members. Bothe panels were well-attended and well-received.  Professor Yuan made a special trip to Atlanta to chair a session.

(3) In the absence of Professor Robin Wang (our liaison to APA) who was on sabbatical leave last year, the Executive Board  reviewed and selected two panels  to be presented at the forthcoming APA Pacific Meeting.

(4) Professor Eric Nelson (ISCP liaison to AAR) organized  a panel at 2012 AAR Meeting in Chicago.

(5)  To make ISCP a more democratic organization, we issued an open call for nomination for the candidacy for ISCP’s next vice-president (2014-2015). The Executive Board appointed an Ad Hoc Nomination and Selection Committee, composed of Professors Vincent Shen (Chair), Karyn Lai, and Brook A. Ziporyn.  The Ad Hoc Committee has approved our current vice-president Professor Kwong-loi Shun, who is also organizing the ISCP 19th International Conference, as the official candidate for our next president (2014-15) and has selected Professor Chenyan Li as the official candidate for ISCP’s next vice-president (2014-2015). We wish to thank the Ad Hoc Committee members for their dedicated service and thank all those who are willing to be considered.

(6) ISCP held a joint international Conference with Zhejing University, China in June 8-12, 2012. The conference was entitled “Communication and Creativity: Dialogues between Chinese and Western Philosophies.” The main organizers are Professor Doing Ping at Zheda and Professor Vincent Shen ( The former Executive Director of the ISCP).

(7)  The preparation of the 18th ISCP International Conference on Chinese Philosophy, entitled “Chinese Philosophy and the Way of Living,” is well under way.  We received a large number of submissions. I wish to thank Ann and Xiaomei who worked with me to carefully  review all the submissions. To date we have mailed out all the acceptance letters. The conference is expected to have more than 100 speakers.

(8)  Professor On-Cho NG has joined the Executive Board as JCP Liaison.

We wish to continue to enjoy your support in the new year. Your criticism and suggestions are cordially welcome. Let us continue to work together for the prosperity of the ISCP.



Jiyuan Yu
Professor of Philosophy
SUNY Buffalo
President and Executive Director
International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP)
135 Park Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260

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