ISCP Business Meeting Minutes

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July 11, 16.00-16.30 p.m., Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei.

Presiding panel: ISCP President Bernard C. C. Li, Vice President Yolaine Escande, Executive Director Vincent Shen, Secretary Chenyang Li.

Vincent Shen called the meeting to order at 16.00p.m.

Bernard Li reported the process of preparing and holding the 16th international conference and thanked the staff for their contributions to the conference. He made two suggestions. First, he proposed that ISCP take upon the function of evaluating Chinese philosophy programs in higher education. As a reputable international organization, ISCP has the expertise for such a task. In doing so, it can protect Chinese philosophy programs from political interferences. Second, as an international academic organization, ISCP should become more active in leading scholarly research.

Vincent Shen began by thanking members of the ISCP executive committee and the conference team for their work. He made the following report. First, in accordance with a resolution at the 2007 Wuhan conference, last year a constitutional amendment was approved by members to add language of racial and gender equality in Section II. Second, ISCP has organized numerous successful conference panels at the American Philosophical Association’s meetings. It has appointed Dr. Yu Jiyuan as liaison to the APA Eastern Division, and Dr. Eric Nelson as liaison to the American Academy of Religion. Dr. Linyu Gu, managing editor of the Journal of Chinese Philosophy has joined the executive committee as representative of the Journal. The year, ISCP will organize a small research conference in China. Although the conference will invite a limited number of scholars to present papers on a specific topic, all members are invited to attend.

Chenyang Li began by welcoming new members to ISCP and made the following report. The secretary has performed the following duties: maintaining communication with members, professional organizations such as FISP, and other interested parties; maintaining ISCP Website and Listserv; working with the nomination committee (Karyn Lai, Chen Lai, and Ann Pang-White) in carrying out the process of electing the president and vice president; working with Treasurer Xinyan Jiang in maintaining the membership record; and facilitating the 2009 Charles Fu Foundation essay contest. He asked for volunteers to help with the ISCP Website. He also asked members to spread word that now people can join ISCP or renew their membership through our website at WWW.ISCP-ONLINE.ORG. He announced that ISCP members can subscribe to the Journal of Chinese Philosophy at a discount rate.

Li also made the biannual financial report on behalf of the Treasurer Xinyan Jiang. There was not question from the audience.

After presenting their CVs, Shen moved to nominate Yolaine Escande as the next president and Yu Jiyuan as vice president. The motions were approved by acclamation. In accordance with the ISCP constitution, an Ad Hoc nomination committee will be established to examine candidates’ qualifications and to process the election.

In responding to Bernard Li’s suggestions, Shen moved that an exploratory committee be established to look into ISCP’s new function as an evaluative agency. His motion passed by acclamation.

Yolaine Escande said that she was glad to be hosting the 17th International Conference of Chinese Philosophy in Paris in 2011. She announced that the theme of the 17th conference will be “Interculturalism and Philosophic Discourse: Retrospect and Prospect.”

Finally, Bernard Li handed over the official ISCP banner to Yolaine Escande.

The meeting adjourned at 16.30p.m.

Respectfully prepared by Chenyang Li

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