Minutes on the 18th ISCP Conference Business Meeting (2013)

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ISCP and the University of Buffalo co-sponsored the 18th ISCP international conference entitled “Chinese Philosophy and the Way of living” in Buffalo, NY from July 21 to 24, 2013. More than 100 scholars from more than 20 countries and areas (Algeria, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, mainland China, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, Swiss, Taiwan, U. K. and U. S.) attended the conference.  In the opening session, Robert Neville, Michael Slote, Cheng Chung-Ying, and David Wong delivered plenary speeches. Vincent Shen gave a plenary speech on the second day of the conference. More than 80 session-papers were presented during the conference. Sandra Wawrytko on behalf of the Fu Foundation presented the Fu Foundation Essay Contest awards to three awardees in a brief ceremony. The three awardees presented their winning essays in a special session of the conference. On the last day of the conference Kwong-loi Shun, Bryan Van Norden, Jiyuan Yu and Chenyang Li delivered plenary speeches.

The conference ended with the 2013 business meeting. The director Jiyuan Yu delivered the open remarks. A brief ceremony of appreciation followed and an honorary plaque was presented to Jiyuan Yu to thank him for organizing the 18th ISCP conference, his outstanding leadership and excellent services as the President of ISCP (2011-2013). The Secretary Xiaomei Yang, the Treasurer Ann Pang-White, and the Director Jiyuan Yu gave the secretary’s, treasurer’s and director’s report, respectively. Jiyuan Yu then proposed the motions to nominate the candidates for 2014-2015 President (Kwong-loi Shun) and vice-President (Chenyang Li) of ISCP, and announced the 19th and 20th ISCP conference sites (Hong Kong in 2015 and Singapore in 2017). The business meeting ended with a brief ceremony of passing on the ISCP flag from the current president of ISCP Jiyuan Yu to the next president Kwong-loi Shun, who will be organizing the 19th ISCP international conference in 2015.

The Board of ISCP thanks the University of Buffalo, the organizer of the conference, all people who helped organizing the conference for their support and hard work.  The Board also thanks all the participants of the conference for their participation.

For the conference photo album, please go to http://www.philosophy.buffalo.edu/gallery .

Director’s report

Regarding ISCP leadership team, since Professor Xiaomei Yang is the Society’s secretary, the Board appointed Professor Jinmei Yuan as our APA Eastern Liaison. Professor Robin Wang has agreed to continue her duty as the liaison to the APA Pacific Meeting. Professor Huiyu Wang agreed to continue his duty as the Liaison to the APA Central Meeting. Professor Eric Nelson agreed to be the Liaison to the American Academy of Religion. Professor Chung-ying Cheng is appointed as the official representative of ISCP to FISP. The Society has also nominated Professor Chung-ying Cheng as a candidate for the membership of the Steering Committee of FISP.

The Board has selected the official nominees for next president (2014-2015) and vice-president (2014-2015)/ the 2017 ISCP conference site. The term for the current presidency will expire at the end of 2013. The ISCP Constitution, Section 4 (a) states: “Nominations of the President, Vice-President(s), the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be made by the members of an ad hoc Nominating Committee appointed by the Executive Committee. The nominating Committee shall recommend no more than two candidates for each position. All nominations shall be voted upon in a manner established for all members of the ISCP.”

In accordance with the ISCP Constitution, Section 4 (a), the Executive Board appointed an Ad Hoc Nomination and Selection Committee. The Committee members were Professors Vincent Shen (Toronto, Chair), Karyn Lai, and Brook A. Ziporyn. The Ad Hoc Committee has approved our current vice-president Professor Kwong-loi Shun, who is also organizing the ISCP 19th International Conference, as the official candidate for our next president (2014-15) and has selected Professor Chenyan Li as the official candidate for ISCP’s next vice-president (2014-2015).

Secretary’s Report

Since the 17th ISCP International Conference in Paris in 2011, this Secretary of ISCP has assisted the ISCP board to accomplish the following operations. (1) This secretary assisted ISCP to complete its transition from the previous Board (Professors Vincent Shen, Xinyan Jiang and Chenyang Li) to the current board (Professor Jiyuan Yu, our new executive director; Professor Ann Pang-White, our new treasurer; and Professor Xiaomei Yang, our new secretary). (2) This secretary has assisted the board in making some personnel changes (see Director’s Report). (3) This secretary assisted the board in selecting the organizer, location of the next ISCP conference and next vice-president of ISCP. The ISCP board issued an open call for nomination for the candidacy for ISCP’s next vice-president (2014-2015). (4) This secretary assisted the organizer of the 18th ISCP International Conference in organizing the conference. Jiyuan Yu on behalf of ISCP organized the 18th ISCP International Conference on Chinese Philosophy, entitled “Chinese Philosophy and the Way of Living” in Buffalo, New York from July 21 to July 24. We received a large number of submissions. This secretary with Jiyuan Yu and Ann Pang-White carefully reviewed all the submissions. (5) This secretary assisted the board in organizing the 2013 Charles Fu Foundation’s Best Essay Contest in Asian Philosophy. The ISCP board formed two blind review committees, one for submissions in Chinese language (Peimin Ni served as the chair of the review committee, Dong Ping and Qingjie Wang served as members of the committee) and the other for English language (Sandra Wawrytko reviewed submissions). Two committees selected 3 awardees from 8 entries. (6) Our website URL address remains as http://www.iscp-online.org/. It is in operation. This secretary renewed the domain of our site in 2011 for two years and the domain needs to be renewed next year. Before ISCP find a web master to manage the site, this secretary currently manages the website and will continue to be the site’s maintainer before ISCP finds a web master to manage the site.

Finally, this secretary takes this opportunity to express her sincere thanks to her colleagues Jiyuan Yu and Ann Pang-White for their selfless assistance, understanding, and friendship. It has been a great pleasure working with both of them as ISCP officers. This secretary also takes this opportunity to express her sincere thanks to Chenyang Li, the previous Secretary of ISCP, for his help with managing the website of ISCP during the transition time.

Treasurer’s Report

Professor/Dr. Ann Pang-White was elected as the new treasurer of ISCP and a member of the executive board in 2011.  She is grateful for the tremendous help that she received from the former treasurer, Dr. Xinyang Jiang, who ensured all transitional matters were taken care of smoothly.  For security reasons, it took quite much time, labor, and paper work during 2011 to transfer the bank account to the new board.  Professor Pang-White took great labor to bring the whole process to fruition.  In 2011, she also assisted the board in evaluating the abstracts for the APA Eastern Division ISCP panel.  She served on the review committee in reviewing abstracts for the 18th International Conference for Chinese Philosophy to take place at the University of Buffalo-SUNY.  She was also a member of the organizing committee for the conference.  Together with the Society’s secretary, Dr. Xiaomei Yang, Professor Pang-White assisted President Jiyuan Yu, who is also the executive director of ISCP, in the planning of the 18th conference.  Her other works during 2011-2012 includes communicating with members for various inquiries concerning membership, sending receipts for received membership dues, updating membership list with the secretary, preparing documents for filing tax return, working with CPA to file ISCP annual tax return accurately, paying ISCP institution membership fee to professional academic organizations including wire transferring, handling reimbursement, keeping all financial records, and maintain email communications with board members and society members regarding various matters, etc.  During the 18th International Conference for Chinese Philosophy, Dr. Pang-White reported the financial state of the Society. The revenues are from membership and the expenses include annual tax filing and preparation fee, advertisement on Honolulu newspaper for ISCP tax exempt status as required by the law, institution membership fee at FISP and others academic organizations, ISCP website domain fee, ISCP bi-annual conference closing reception and other miscellaneous expenses.  In sum, the Society’s financial state is healthy. The report is available upon request.

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